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GM Application Format

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GM Application Format Empty GM Application Format

Post by Youkai018 on Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:28 pm

Rules of Posting an Application:
-You are required to have atleast 50 non-spam posts
-You need to get to know the Complex WoW Community
-Do not post ANYTHING in your own Application. Posting in your Application will result in an automatic decline of your Application.

-Please provide only a Yes or No answer, with an explanation of why you put Yes or No.
-Do not Flame, take it to Private Messaging. Any Flame posts will be deleted and infractions given out. The flamer will also have any current or future Applications declined.

Please Copy and Paste this Application Format and use it for your application - Questions should be in the color Red, Answers should be in the color Yellow.

1.) What is your full name?

2.) How old are you?

3.) In what Time Zone do you reside? (GMT, EST, PST)

4.) Have you ever been a Game Master before?

5.) If you answered "Yes" to Number 4; Please tell us where you were a Game Master? If you answered "No" to Number 4, please leave this field blank.

6.) If you see a hacker and they are spawning mobs, flying around, speeding around, etc. What do you do? Please include what commands you will use.

7.) When answering tickets, how will you go about doing it and what commands will you use to do so? (This includes commands to get the ticket, answer the ticket, and delete the ticket)

8.) If a player comes to you and tells you they witnessed a player hacking/abusing, how do you deal with the player and the situation?

9.) If a player comes to you with a request, how do you handle it? Do you ask them to make a ticket, or would you handle it on the spot?

10.) On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest), how would you rate your knowledge of MaNGOS GM commands?

11.) Do you have any issues with authority? (This ranges from being told what to do, to being reprimanded by those higher than you.)

12.) If a player says they are missing the spell "Aimed Shot" and need it taught to them, how do you verify that they are telling the truth?

These next questions will determine whether you have any "common sense" or not. Missing 5 or more of these questions will result in an automatic declining of the Application.

13.) A quarter, dime, nickel and penny are worth how much?

14.) A water molecule's molecular formula is:

15.) How many legs does a Spider have?

16.) There are 10 cards and you take 7 away, how many cards are you left with?

17.) How many sides does a hexagon have?

18.) Under normal conditions, what temperature (in Celsius) does water freeze?

19.) What is the square root of 100?

20.) Blood is filtered by which organ?

MaNGOS Command-based questions

21.) If you are in a situation and your hp becomes -1/-1, what do you do?

22.) What is the command to delete a game object?

23.) What is the command to change an NPCs faction to:
Neutral -
Alliance -
Horde -

24.) What is the command to turn your GM Chat badge on?

25.) What is the command to become invisible?


26.) Why do you want to GM on our server?

27.) What do you think makes you qualified for our server?

Please post additional information here:

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