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Dissemination of Technical information for faster development

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Dissemination of Technical information for faster development Empty Dissemination of Technical information for faster development

Post by Madison on Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:35 am

Accurate technical information must reach the hands of all those involved in real estate management and building construction.  The National Building Code (NBO) has been compiled to bring about uniform quality standards in the building works being undertaken.  It is intended to meet the requirements of technical personnel engaged in housing activities such as architects, engineers, builders, technicians, skilled construction workers and people building houses on their own.
This information will enable the technical personnel to become more proficient in their work and achieve higher productivity at lower costs.  The information should be presented in a manner so as to suit the requirements of the technical personnel at different levels.  Recent studies have shown a total lack of awareness among the common people and also the skilled workers working in the building construction sector.
When inspecting flats and Apartments Ernakulam district’s urban development authorities were seen ignoring the glaring shortcomings in the work done.  In many instances, the safety standards were given a goby.  The indifferent attitude of the site inspectors is the main cause for such a situation.  Some of the building contractors created a bad name for themselves by raking in phenomenal profits through the use of substandard building construction materials.
Adherence to stringent quality standards is the only way out to restore confidence in the apartments and flats built in Ernakulam.  It is easier said than done.  The final cost of a flat or apartment will go up phenomenally if all the quality parameters are followed.  The builders’ profit margins will come down.  Even then great changes are likely to take place in the hot property market in Kerala.  The decline in profits can be certainly made up in the near future.


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