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Post by Gooniebear on Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:24 am

Open your World of Warcraft folder.

Inside of it you will see a "Data" folder, open it.
Inside of the "Data" folder you will see either "enGB" or "enUS" folder, depending if you are from Europe or USA. The process of connecting is the same for enGB and enUS.

Open your enGB or enUS folder, inside of it find a file named "realmlist". Open it, delete everything inside of it and copy and paste this into it:
set realmlist

Once you did that in the realmlist file click the first button up top left corner named "File" then click Save.

Go back to your main World of Warcraft folder now and start World of Warcraft. Make sure not to start to retail version of it or your realmlist will change back to its original settings.

Retail version is named "Launcher" DO NOT PRESS THAT ONE.

Click on the version called "Wow" to start playing on our realm. It is located in your main World of Warcraft folder.


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